Black Plum (Jamun) – Nutritional Value And Health Benefits

Black plum is one of the most famous seasonal fruit which is easily available within reach of your hand these days. Black Plum is also known as Jamun in India belongs to Myrtaceae family. Jamun tree was first found in India and now it is being grown in different tropical regions of the world. It is associated with uncountable medicinal and health benefits. The month of June, July, and August is considered to be the season for Black Plum (Jamun). It is the time when this fruit grows in abundance in India. Also, monsoon should be considered the most amazing period of the season to relish this delicious fruit. The health benefits of black plum are tremendous. This sweet delicious fruit carries some of the best nutritional advantages for your health.

Nutritional Value of Jamun

Per 100 g


Vitamin C– 18 mg
Vitamin A– 3 IU
Riboflavin (B2) – 0.012 mg
• Pyridoxine (B6) – 0.038 mg
Niacin (B3) – 0.260 mg
Thiamine (B1) – 0.006 mg
• Pantothenic Acid (B5) – 0.160 mg


Calcium– 19 mg
Iron– 0.19 mg
• Potassium- 79 mg
• Phosphorous- 17 mg
• Carotene- 48 ug
• Sodium- 26.2 mg
• Magnesium- 15 mg
• Folic Acid- 3 mg


• Carbohydrates- 15.56 g
Water– 83.13 g
Fat– 0.23 g
• Energy- 60 kacl
Protein– 0.72 g

Health Benefits Of Black Plum

1.Good For Diabetics

The low glycaemic index, in Jamun, makes it a good option for diabetics. A study conducted on the anti-diabetic effects of jamun, suggests that it holds significant potential to produce safer drugs for diabetes treatment.

The fruit is associated with lowered risk of secondary complications of diabetes. The leaves, barks, and seeds are the most useful parts among which the seeds are popular for their anti diabetic properties.

2.Helps You Lose Weight

Black plums will also help you to lose a lot of weight. Since they are very low in calories, you can consume them daily and make it a part of your diet. Add it to a salad or simply have some at breakfast. These tasty fruits will clean your digestive system and fight all infections inside. You will never face any stomach infections or constipation in your life. Weight loss shall now become easy for you and this is all because of the magic of black plums.

3.Good For Heart

Black plum contains a good amount of potassium mineral which is very beneficial for keeping heart healthy and preventing from diseases like hypertension, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

4.Cures Indigestion

This purple fruit has a special mention in traditional streams of medicines, namely Ayurveda and Unani. It is used to treat digestive disorders, including diarrhoea, dysentery and dyspepsia. If you experience digestive problems, then you should drink jamun juice, or have jamun pulp mixed with curd.

5.Protects Against Macular Degeneration

To protect yourself against macular degeneration, you need to have three servings of plum fruit every day. This will lower the risk of any macular degeneration which is probably related to your age. The best way to eat this fruit is by simply slicing them and adding it to a bowl full of salad.

6.For Gums And Teeth

Since Jamun has an abundance of vitamin C, it’s excellent for the teeth and gums. Vitamin C helps cure wounds like bleeding gums. The antibacterial property of the juice helps wade off any bacteria that might enter through the mouth, preventing bad-breathissues as well.

7.Boosts Immune System

There is a good amount of vitamin C and other antioxidants in this fruit, which can help to stimulate the production of white blood cells and increase the strength of the immune system.

8.Liver Disorders

In case of any kind of liver disorder; on a regular basis have its ripen fruits and juice. The fruit has the traces of iron in it which is soft enough to cure any kind of damage. In case of liver swelling, give 15 gm juice of its seeds.

9.Purifies The Blood

The fact that black plum is rich in iron makes them an effective blood purifier as it ensures oxygenated blood supply with a good amount of haemoglobin all through the body.

10.Treats Infections

The fruit as well as the other parts of the plant has compounds like malic acid, gallic acid, oxalic acid and tannins which makes the fruit as a anti-malarial, anti-bacterial, anti-infective and gastro protective properties.


Daily consumption of black plums protect you from anemia and jaundice because it contains rich amount of fiber. It also beneficial for Ladies/ women who are suffering from menstrual problems.

12.Strong Bone

The fruit also has healthy amount of nutrients like calcium, iron, potassium and Vitamin C, which makes it great for boosting immunity and bone strength.

13.Healthy Skin And Eyes

Jamun or the black plum improves the number of haemoglobin and the iron present in the fruit acts as a blood purifying agent. This helps in improving the health of your skin and eyes. The fruit is also rich in several minerals and vitamin Cand A.

14.For Thick Hair

Those who dream of having thick and strong hair should definitely make use black plums. They are full of Vitamin E which has great benefits. This will strengthen your cell membranes and prevent any harmful radical from attacking your scalp. You will never have to face dry, brittle and thin hair if you do something as simple as using home remedies made up of black plum.

15.Prevents Hair Fall

Black Plums are also great for fighting hair fall. They have the ability to reverse adrenal gland fatigue. This component is very crucial for the stopping hair fall since adrenal glands are very important for controlling hair fall and preventing from any kind of damage. With this fruit, your hair will be beautiful, glowing and very attractive. So the next time you visit the market, make sure you get hold of some amazing and healthy black plum fruits.

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