Since the dawn of lash extensions in the US I have had to grapple with the fact that there are a few bad eggs that give “lash extensions” a bad rep. First there were the salons who were using super glue or industrial tire glue!!! Then there were the salons using .25 x 16mm lashes (enormous).  Now there’s a new trend taking over called “volume lashing” otherwise known as 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 9D,  “Russian” or “Hollywood” lashing. The lash technician will permanently glue multiple lash strands on to an existing natural lash on the customer. I usually joke that this technique was probably developed to mask the amount of natural lashes customers were losing with bad lash extensions over the years!

I’m going to break to you folks- if nature did not bless you with long, thick lashes then it’s likely you won’t be able to handle more than 20% more thickness or weight than your own lash without enduring damage. It’s fine for an event, but not for long-term wear.

To me (and my customers) lash extensions are meant to replace the use of mascara, not give you the look of a false lash. 

It generally takes about a year to see the alopecia (hair loss) in customers who get this service, but eventually it comes (especially if you’re over 35 or have constant stress).


That’s right. When lash extensions are correctly applied they are less damaging that any mascara because mascara can break the lashes, build up bacteria and even age the eye faster in the removal process.

With proper care and the correct weight (size/width) of lash you can avoid lash damage and continue lashing for years without taking a break. My customers will double their own natural lash because they don’t need to touch their lashes.

If you are seeking a bolder look like JLo or Kim Kardashian without the damage I suggest investing in false lashes.  You can get so many cool styles and colors with false lashes. Even better, I’m totally into a new fiber mascara called Cherry Blooms! “False Lashes in 60 Seconds!”

If you’d like to know more about temporary lashes visit 

Good luck with the Latisse for you Volume lashers!



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