Last year I had attended a fascinating symposium on antioxidants at the World Trade Center. The room was filled with doctors and scientists whom all agreed that our skin is in BIG trouble thanks to increased pollutants in the environment.

What the scientists went on to reveal is that skin cancer rates for city dwellers is higher than those that live in rural areas. The reason there is such a high risk of skin cancer is because we are completely bombarded with the heavy metals in the air, water, costume jewelry, televisions and more on a daily basis. There’s no escaping it.

When heavy metal and sun combine it disrupts the function of the cell, which leads to skin cancer, acne, dry skin, rosacea, and all kinds of other health issues. 

If you have acne, rosacea or other skin problems I first recommend a good shower head filter to help filter out heavy metals coming from out of your pipes. It’s a simple, effortless way of eliminating excess metal exposure. In addition to purchasing a shower head filter  I suggest picking up a gallon jug of distilled water and washing and rinsing the skin with the distilled water instead of tap water. Not only are you preventing extra metals from touching your skin, but distilled water is great for pulling out excess metals on the skin.

Distilled water also usually has a lower pH than tap water, which can help fight against bacteria living on your skin. No bacteria = Clear Skin!

Check out my post on water and acne for more details and videos HERE. 

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