Best Ayurvedic Herbs To Treat Cancer

In today’s world where cancer has become one of the most popular disease so it is important to give priority in finding the effective ways to cure cancer. The best way to “fight through cancer” is by taking care from the very first stage of cancer. But why should we be targeted by this dangerous disease??? As it is rightly said, “precaution is better than cure”. We can avoid cancer just by cleaning up things like our diet, overall toxic areas. For reducing the population of cancer public awareness is must.

Here are some natural ways or we can say the best Ayurveda herbs to treat cancer.


Tulsi is one of the best immunomodulators and is a preferable herb in the Ayurvedic treatment of cancer. It is a COX – 2 inhibitor that suppresses inflammation and relieves severe pain that is a common feature in cancer patients. Holy basil cells have the potential to repair damaged cells and also destroy and fight against pre – cancerous changes in the cells.

Healthy Benefits Of Tulsi


cancer can be away only if our toxic environment is clean & green tea is that special beverage which is acknowledged for its antioxidants & also for healing benefits. Research says that green tea has been found with an active biological agent called epigallocatechin gallate or “EGCG,” can effectively treat pancreatic cancer. Green tea also helps in reducing the risk of digestive cancer especially found in women.

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Wheatgrass is obtained from our very own source of staple food knownas wheat or Triticum aestivum. It is a new rage in dietics and nutrition based studies for its immense reserves of vitamins and minerals and its great medicinal benefits that can prevent diseases like leukemia, cancer, Paralysis, insomnia etc. The chlorophyll content of wheatgrass is effective in the treatment of Hb deficiency, a common feature found in cancer patients. It is the source of an enzyme superoxide – dismutase that is the best scavenger for free radicals. It is also said that wheatgrass juice charged with ultraviolet rays becomes all the more effective in the treatment of cancer.


This herb is able to supplement the body’s ability to deal with anxiety, fatigue or trauma. Research says that ashwagandha reduces the number of cancer cells while protecting the “useful or good cells”. Today Ashwagandha is used in thousands of ayurvedic medicines just because of its ability to reduce stress.


I love to drink a cup of ginger tea every morning.  ginger has the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer and prevent it from spreading further in the body. Because of this advantage it is useful in the treatment of ovarian cancer. It not only kills the cancer cells but also prevents them from building a resistance to cancer treatment.


garlic is an amazing healing agent which is also used to treat cancer. Garlic supplements can be classified into 4 types; garlic essential oil, garlic powder, garlic extract, garlic oil macerate. For the treatment of cancer garlic oil is highly beneficial. Intake of garlic reduces the risk of cancer including cancer of the stomach, oesophagus, pancreas and breast.


Turmeric is a popular medicinal herb known worldwide for its most amazing results in battling cancer progression. It has a number of actions as a natural herb for cancer treatment and has been found to be very beneficial in all kinds of cancers to a varying degree. Curcumin is the main active compound which is a yellow colored pigment present in Turmeric which is responsible for the activity of Turmeric in cancer prevention and treatment.

From reactivating the tumor suppressor gene to the regrowth of the cancer stem cells and the inhibition of metastasis, curcumin compound has been unmatched in its ferocious quest against cancerous cells. Planet Ayurveda’s Curcumin 95 % capsules contain 95 % pure extracts of curcumin enclosed in purely vegetarian capsules.

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Cardamom, also known as Elettaria cardamomum is a potent anti – cancer herb that is used for the treatment of cancers specially colon cancers. The cardamom oil is used in studies that demonstrate its effectiveness in their quest against cancer management. The immuno modulatory action of cardamom oil couple with its immense anti – inflammatory and anti – microbial properties makes it an effective herb for cancer treatment.


list of Ayurvedic herbs for cancer is an herb known as Nigella sativa. Its anti – cancer activity is attributed to its unique anti – oxidant action that is specifically effective against breast cancer cells. Caraway slows down the growth of the breast cancer cells and also prevents apoptosis. Thymoquinone an active compound present in this plant is the reason for such activities exhibited by this plant. It is also great for preventing metastasis of the breast cancer cells to the nearby organs. Black caraway’s activity against breast cancer cells is fairly specific to the cancer cells and it does not harm the other healthy tissues surrounding the cancer cells.


The site of cancer growth has an immense inflammatory action in progress due to the rapid breakdown of the body tissues and a haywire metabolism that is fueling the irregular growth of the cancer cells. Guggul is the resinous plant extract of Commiphora mukul that has great anti – inflammatory and anti – oxidant properties. It has marked anti – ageing properties and has a free radical scavenging activity that reduces the chances of developing cancer to a large extent. Guggulosterones are the active extracts that impart it its immense medicinal properties.


Kanchanaar is a very useful medicinal plant with the latin name Bauhenia variegata. Bauhenia variegate is a very effective herbal formulation that is in use since ancient times for it’s amazing benefits in managing soft tissue malformations and glandular overgrowths.Kanchnaar Guggul is a popular classical ayurvedic preparation that is used to treat all kinds of cancers and tumors. Cancers and Tumors usually have an imbalance of the kapha body energy which is balanced by the piercing action of Kanchanaar extracts.

Note :- Please be clear, no one is saying these herbs are not without any side-effects. Equally they may conflict with some drugs. The important point is that we are still discovering many of their benefits, albeit very slowly, because individual local herbalists just do not have the funds to conduct large scale clinical trials like the drugs companies do. You should seriously consider the usefulness of herbs as a part of your integrative cancer-fighting programme. They just might make a serious difference to your health. But please make sure you go to an expert medical herbalist for clear and informed advice.

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