Benefits Of Wooden Comb For Your Hair And Scalp

Plastic combs are so harmful for hair and scalp. And the right choice is to go for the wooden combs. Surprised?. Today I’m up with some excitinginformation about Wooden Combs. Have you used wooden combs? Do you know the benefits of wooden combs for hair? Are you moving your head horizontally from right to left and vice versa! Then continue reading to know the top benefits of wooden combs for hair…

Benefits Of Wooden Comb For Hair And scalp

1#.Reduces Dandruff

Dandruff is nothing but an after effect of using hair products and having a dry patchy scalp. Using plastic combs can boost the dryness of the scalp and maximise dandruff. But if you use a wooden comb it would not prevent the dryness of your scalp but it can spread the oil all over to your scalp.

2#.Boost The Blood Circulation On Your Scalp

If you start using wooden combs, your blood circulation will get a boost. To understand this you have to use wooden comb once. It is so smooth on the hair and scalp, you feel to use it more. The more you brush your hair with the comb, the circulation improves. So, use it more often. It is even recommended to use before bed for better sleep and health.

3#.Removes Dirt And Stuck Particles

This may come as a surprise, but our hair includes dirt from our all-day journey. A wooden brush can remove the dirt particles easily as compared to plastic ones. How? The static charge of low-quality comb lets the dirt sit on them. The next time you are about to purchase a comb, think twice before you make a decision.

4#.Prevents Hair Fall

Have you ever thought that your hair fall is happening because of using the wrong comb? Maybe! We all use a lot of hair product like oils, shampoo, masks etc. But we hardly think about changing our combs. The wooden comb can help you to open the tangles easily that is why it helps to prevent hair loss.

5#.Hair Growth

This can be your most favourite benefit of using a wooden comb. It boosts hair growth. When you brush your hair with it, better circulation happens. So, eventually, it spreads more natural scalp oils around the hair. With proper circulation and boosting of the glands and hair follicles below the scalp, hair grows out thicker and longer.

6#.Adds Shine To Your Hair

Brushing your hair with wooden comb can make them appear shiny. There are enough natural oils in your scalp present. Wooden comb helps to distribute those natural oils all over your scalp. Hence, your hair doesn’t look dull, limp, dry. But if you use a plastic comb, it can make your scalp dry and soak the oil.

7#.Healthy Scalp

Combing hair with a wooden comb or brush can give us the feel of a scalp massage as the acupressure points are kindled. When we press the wooden bristles against our scalp gently yet firmly, the natural oil from it moves through the hair shafts. As a result, the circulation of blood is boosted all over the scalp which makes it healthy.

8#.Longer Hair

As mentioned before that wooden hair brushes can increase blood circulation, they further lead to hair enhancement as well. They are smooth on the follicles. The secretion of sebum regulates and also the impurities are dead. With this process, hair growth stimulates instantly.

9#.No Dryness or Greasiness

Yes, you do not face any sort of dryness or greasiness on your scalp while using wooden combs or brushes. These tools keep our hair soft by conditioning it naturally, while prevents the scalp from getting oily by putting a stop to the over-secretion of sebum.

10#.Bouncy Hair

Wooden combs give voluminous hair as they treat the hair softly. When plastic combs are used, they generally get stuck in the tangles leading to hair fall. As there is enough distribution of the sebum and circulation, the hair stays healthy. Not only that but following a proper diet is also mandatory here. So, it is advisable to stick to wooden combs instead of mediocre quality brushes.

11#.No Static Electricity

When you use a plastic comb or brush, a static electricity is produced in your hair. It speeds up the reduction of energy of the hair to the brain. But being an insulator, wood cannot conduct electricity. Hence, using wooden combs or brushes can help you stay away from the damages resulted from static.

12#.Natural Conditioner

The natural oil glides down as we start using wooden combs on our hair. This means your hair is getting enough nutrition and it only gets softer due to the natural conditioning that takes place each time you comb.

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13#.Lesser Allergies

The natural components of wooden combs and brushes make them hypoallergenic. Some of them even come with a protective coating. So, you have lesser chances to develop severe allergies on your scalp.

14#.Reduced Hair Breakage

I have rough hair ends that entangle. This would then cause hair breakage. After using the wooden comb I have experienced less breakage due to less friction in the hair.


As compared to those local plastic combs, a wooden comb lasts longer. They are a one-time investment that stays for as long as you maintain them. The gentle bristles make your hair stronger with time.

So ditch your plastic comb. Get wooden comb immediately because your follicles are waiting for such a blissful experience! And don’t forget to share your experiences with us.

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