Benefits Of Wood Apples Fruit Juice (Beal Sharbat)

Bael, also known as bilwa is a vital tree in Indian culture which is mostly planted around temples. This tree has many medicinal properties. The fruit is hard, woody and smooth with sweet flesh inside that can be consumed fresh or dried. They are also mixed with beverages and desserts with sugar or jaggery. Beal fruit, also known as wood apple, contains protein, beta-carotene, vitamins, thiamine, riboflavin and vitamin C.

All parts of the tree are used for medicinal purposes, but bael juice is the most common way to stay fit and health. Let us see the top 16 benefits of bael fruit juice, a wonderful gift of nature:

Bael Juice Benefits:

1. Heart diseases:

Mix the juice of ripe bael fruit with some ghee. Include this mixture in your daily diet to prevent heart related diseases like heart strokes and attacks. This can reduce blood glucose levels by nearly 54%.

2. Gastro protection properties:

This magical juice can cure gastric ulcers that are caused due to the imbalance of mucosa levels or oxidative stress in gastric tract. The phenolic compounds present in this juice are filled with antioxidants to reduce gastric ulcers.

3. Cholesterol control:

Bael juice helps in cholesterol control and also reduces blood cholesterol levels. Bael juice controls triglycerides, serum and tissue lipid profiles.

4. Antimicrobial properties:

Bael juice has antimicrobial properties. The extracted juice is used to control fungal and viral infections. They have antimicrobial properties since the juice contains cuminaldehyde and eugenol in it.

5. Anti-inflammatory properties:

Bael juice contains anti-inflammatory properties that are used to reduce histamine induced contractions. This also gives positive results to relax and sooth inflamed organs.

6. Constipation:

Bael fruit juice is best consumed remedy to reduce constipation and stomach pain. This contains laxative properties to clean and tone the intestines. Drinking this regularly for 2-3 months will reduce sub-chronic constipation. You can mix this with sugar and drink twice a day to ease stomach pain for kids. Add some black pepper and salt to the juice to remove toxins from the intestines.

7. Dysentery and diarrhoea:

In ayurveda, this is said to cure diarrhoea and dysentery without fever. You can also mix it with jaggery or sugar.

8. Cooler:

Drink bael fruit juice with honey to cure acidity. You can also apply this on your tongue to cure mouth ulcers. Drink bael juice before lunch or dinner to reduce heat and thirst from body. This can be the best drink during the scorching summers!

9. Skin rash:

Mix 30ml of bay leaf juice, cumin with bael juice and drink it twice a day to cure urticaria. This can also be beneficial for skin rash and its symptoms like pale red, raised, itchy bumps.

10. Breast milk:

Wood apple juice can be consumed with dry ginger powder and jaggery by the infant mothers. This helps to produce more milk for the infants.

11. Cancer:

Consume this juice regularly to prevent or cure breast cancer.

12. Blood purifier:

Mix 50 gms pulp juice with some warm water and sufficient honey. This drink will help you to purify your blood.

13. Haemorrhoids:

Tannin in the bael fruit juice is useful to cure diarrhoea, cholera, haemorrhoids and vitiligo. This is also helpful in the anaemia, ear and eye disorders treatment. In ayurveda, the juice is mixed with turmeric and ghee and spread on fractured bones to treat fracture.

14. Scurvy:

Scurvy is a disease that occurs due to the deficiency of vitamin c. This has harmful effects on the blood vessels. Bael juice is a good source of vitamins and cures this disease.

15. Respiratory problems:

The juice of bael fruit can cure respiratory problems such as asthma or cold. This also gives resistance to cold.

16.  Control diabetes:

Bael juice contains laxatives that are helpful to control the blood sugar levels. It stimulates the pancreas and helps them in enough production of insulin that controls sugar level in the blood.

17. Removes Body Toxins

Eating bael with the black pepper and salt regularly helps in removing toxins from intestines thus provides relief from the constipation.

18. Boosts Energy Level

it acts as an instant energy booster and energizes the body by fulfilling the need of various nutrients in the body.

19. Removes Dandruff

Scalp massage with the coconut oil having bael peel extract (heat bael peel in coconut oil) on regular basis provides relief from the dandruff.

20. Treats Sexual Problems

Its natural aphrodisiac property helps in enhancing the sexual desire among men as well as treating the conditions like impotence, sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea and etc.

21. Protects from Breast Cancer

It is capable to protect women from the breast cancer if eaten regularly.

22. Regulates Menstruation

Wood apple provides relief from the pain, excess bleeding and other symptoms during menstruation.

23. Maintains Blood Glucose Level

It has hypoglycaemic effect on the body and reduces the level of blood glucose by enhancing the glucose utilization and stimulating insulin hormone.

24. Prevents from Liver Disorders

Its hepato-protective nature enhances the liver injuries healing, prevents from the liver cirrhosis and liver infection.

25. Relieves Joint Pain and Swelling

It provides relief from the joints pain and swelling if the paste of bael leaves is applied to the affected areas.

26. Provides Relief from Food Allergies

It provides relief from the symptoms of food allergies and skin itching if the mixture of bael leaves, ajwain seeds and salt is eaten.

27. Regulates Thyroid Hormone Secretion

Wood apple helps in regulating the thyroid hormone secretion thus regulates metabolism and prevents from hyperthyroidism.

28. Cures Jaundice

Taking the mixture of bael leaf extract, black pepper and honey helps in curing jaundice.

29. Relieves Headache

Applying fresh bael leaves paste on the forehead provides instant relief from the headache.

30. Natural Blood Cleanser

Bael juice with little warm water and sugar acts as a blood cleanser and involves in the blood purification process by removing all the toxins.

Benefits of Bael Murabba

Bael murabba is very beneficial for the health and can be eaten in any season. It helps in curing dysentery, diarrhea, acidity and other digestive problems. Prepare it safely and store at safe place to preserve it for months to be nourished with its health benefits. Make the slices of bael fruit and remove seeds. Make thick sugar syrup and add bael slices with pinch of salt and cardamom powder. Cook for some time and let it mix well. It can be refrigerated in the bottle after proper cooling.

How Many Bael to Eat a Day

Eating the correct amount of bael on daily basis depends on various factors like age, sex, weight and health status of the person. Everything in this world, whether it is natural or artificial, has limitation thus it should be eaten within limit according to the body requirement to avoid it’s side effects and disadvantages as well as get it’s all the health benefits. There is no any accurate dose for all, it varies from person to person thus should be consulted by the physician before applying it in the daily life to treat some health disorders.

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