Being Told You’re Unhealthy Isn’t Necessary But What Next?

Let’s face it, we don’t need anyone to tell us we’re overweight or unhealthy. We are adults, wear big boy and girl pants, and know when we need to fix our fitness.

When your body isn’t healthy, we can feel sick, fatigued, and unhappy. On top of that, you may have have been told by the doctor to change your lifestyle. Concerned friends and family may also be giving you kind hints to take better care of yourself. 

If all the above is happening, you already know something should be started to get healthy. Fitness includes so many areas of health – physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Fixing your fitness will require evaluating all these areas and making healthy choices to improve your life.  
It’s not rocket science and requires nothing magic to improve your fitness. You only need motivation, determination, and follow-through to become healthy. Companies marketing fitness gimmicks would like you to believe a bunch of expensive things, products, and pills are required to obtain a fit and healthy body. The true story is you all possess the ability to achieve good health and fitness without all that fluff.

The first step is admitting the areas of your life that are unhealthy. Secondly, create a plan of action to start the process of adopting a fit lifestyle. If you’re struggling with being overweight, have painful joints, low energy, frequent illness and low self-esteem, a great start would be to look at daily nutritional intake and exercise.

If emotional problems such as anger, chronic stress, and tension are an issue, it will be important to identify the cause of these feelings. A qualified counselor or licensed clergy member could be helpful to start the healing process.

The important thing is to get on board with fixing your fitness. Procrastinating on this very important subject does nothing but waste what could be a healthier happier life. Being in denial about being unhealthy not only puts off the work but puts off the results you desire. Changing your mental game and being honest with yourself will be a necessary step to change for the healthier. 
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Be well and Stay Healthy


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