Who doesn’t have an Evian spray in their beauty arsenal, but did you know you could be doing more harm to your skin than good if you misuse your beauty spray??? It’s not your fault. We’ve been trained to whip out that spray to luxuriously “hydrate” our skin especially during long flights or in dry climates.


Have you ever noticed that the more you lick your lips (especially in winter) the faster they dry out? Guess what? The same thing happens when you spray a water mist directly on to bare skin!

Beauty sprays are to:
1. Set Makeup
2. Assist in helping serums and moisturizers absorb.

Do NOT look to sprays (even hydrosols) to hydrate your skin unless you are using a spray that contains beauty oils in them, BUT be careful as some sprays can throw off the skin’s pH (protective barrier) making you more prone to acne and advanced aging.

Using a beauty spray can even make you more prone to skin cancer. If your skin is dry it can’t protect itself. If the spray is still wet on the skin it can magnify the sun’s ray’s and increase your chances of skin cancer.

So RULE #1: Only use a water spray if there there is already a serum and/or cream on your skin.
Rule #2: Go ahead and use a beauty spray to set your makeup and increase that dewiness factor!

…..and now you know!

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