Almond Oil Benefits For Health Skin And Hair – Good for Hair and Skin

Almond oil is loaded with vitamin E. And because of its numerous benefits, it’s always used in beauty and healthcare products, as well as food. It also has magnesium, calcium, fats and other important minerals. It is known to be very beneficial to both the skin and hair as well.

What is Almond Oil?

Almond oil is the oil extracted from almonds. Almonds are tree fruits, called “drupes”. They grow best in Mediterranean climates and are considered an extremely sustainable food source, since an almond tree starts to produce nuts a mere 3 years after it’s planted (this compared to 5 years for most other fruit trees).

Because of their hard texture, almond oil needs to be extracted using an expeller press machine, which uses heat combined with spinning blades to grind the nuts into a liquid consistency. A fine mesh screen located under the expeller blades allows the oil to flow out of the press without allowing the fiber from the nut to pass. Because of this, there is very little residual fiber left in the oil.

Almond Oil Health Benefits

1#.Healthy Heart

Almond oil is wealthy in a monounsaturated fatty acid call oleic acid which is careful good for the heart. A diet which encloses high quantity of this omega-9 fatty acid is recognized to decrease blood pressure plus increase the HDL cholesterol. Utilize almond oil in salad dressings to harvest its heart health benefits. The oil also has folic acid, protein, and potassium which are vitamins and minerals that are good for the heart.


In salads, if you add almond oil, it would be a great healthy combination. This is one of the easier ways to consume almond oil. Digestion capability and immune system become stronger as you regularly use almond oil in food. Cleansing of the body, digestion system is also executed well by almond with its monounsaturated fats, minerals.

3#.Bone Strength

Not that massage with Almond oil benefits on the face alone, it improves the bone and muscle strength, relieves the pains due to stress and pains at the joints. Massage with heated almond oil, this will show its effect instantly.

4#.Vitamins and Minerals

You can see in the article, how many times we praise the minerals in almond and almond oil. Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Zinc are necessarily abundant in almond oil. Vitamins E, C, D are enough in their requirements to the human’s need.

5#.Boosts Memory And Strengthens Nervous System

Almond Oil gives the nervous system a kind of immunity that makes it all the more stronger. 5 almonds a day is known to improve memory. But almond oil consumption on a daily basis boosts memory.

6#.Drink it

If you want all the benefits of the oil, it’s best to drink one teaspoon of sweet almond oil every morning. One teaspoon provides a plethora of benefits including boosting digestion and strengthening the nervous system.

Almond Oil Skin Benefits

7#.Reduces Dark Circles

Almond oil is known to ward off under eye and side eye wrinkles by keeping pesky fine lines and crow’s feet at bay. Not only this, they are also beneficial in keeping the morning puffiness under the eye and reducing dark eye circles.

For this, all you have to do is sparingly apply two to three drops of pure almond oil under your eyes at night and gently pad the oil using your ring finger. Leave it on overnight and in the morning welcome healthy and fresh eyes, sans puffiness and irritation.

8#.Makes The Skin Healthier

Almond oil helps maintain the skin’s moisture level. Also it is non sticky and gets absorbed in a jiffy, but don’t worry, your pores won’t be blocked. In addition to improving the complexion of your skin and getting the glow, this oil richly nourishes your skin, leaving it smoother and softer.

9#.Delays Signs Of Aging

Badam oil plays a great role in reversing and checking all the signs of ageing. It renews the skin cells and enlivens it. You can get youthful, fresh and radiant skin by adding regular use of almond oil to your skin care regimen. You may use it instead of your night creamand it works like magic.

10#.Cures Psoriasis And Eczema

Almond oil plays an active role in reducing itching, inflammation of your skin and the redness caused by it.

A solution made of 2 tablespoons of badam oil, 3-4 drops of lavender oil, a capsule of vitamin E punctured and few drops of German Chamomile oil should be applied on the skin 3-4 times every day to die out the signs of inflammation and itch. This solution will also ease out cracked and other dry skin troubles.

11#.Treats chapped lips

Almond Oil contains a number of vitamins, the most essential one being Vitamin B2 in treating lips. This vitamin, also known as riboflavin retains the moisture of skin wherever it is applied. So almond oil can be used to soften your chapped lips and keep them moisturized.

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Almond Oil Hair Benefits

12#.Healthy And Long Hair

Almond oil can help you having healthy and long hair. Applying almond oil reduces hair falland provides the strength hair roots. It is also used for different hair products due to this property.

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13#.Removal Of Split Ends

Almond oil can also help you for reducing split ends of hair. For better results, you should mix almond oil in olive oiland castor oil in equal proportion. You will see noticeable changes within two three weeks.

14#.Lustrous Look On Dry Hair

As almond oil is light in texture and contains essential fatty acids, it has a high moisturizing property, when applied on dry hair it gives lustrous and shinier look.

15#.Shiny And Soft Hair

You can use a mask made up of almond oil and mashed avocado on the hair. This mask should be kept for 30 minutes before shampooing. The almond oil and avocado mask makes the hair softer and shiner.

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Anyone with an allergy to nuts of any kind should not use almond oil as a reaction may occur. The pure nature of the almond oil may cause an instantaneous reaction to those with nut allergies.

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