20 Benefits Of Walnuts For Health, Skin And Hair

Walnuts are very common in chocolates, cakes, cookies etc. and when you consume them you may not be aware about the various benefits of this nut. It helps you to have a glowing skin, healthy hair and has many other health benefits.

Nutrition Information Of Walnut

This is the part where the “walnuts being one of the healthiest snacks in the world” is justified. These are nutrient and antioxidant-dense fruits. The following information is based on 100 grams of serving

Protein 15g
Fat 65 g
Carbohydrates 14 g
Dietary fiber 7g
Calcium 98mg
Iron 2.9 mg
Zinc 3.1 mg
Potassium 441 mg
Phosphorus 346 mg
Magnesium 158 mg
Copper 1.6 mg
Manganese 158 mg
Folate 98 µg
Vitamin B6 0.54 mg
Thiamin 0.34 mg

The above given nutritional information provides a picture of how beneficial walnuts are for the human body. The minerals, vitamins and other nutrient groups provide impressive nutritional value to this fruit.

Benefits Of Walnuts For Health

1#.Heart Health

For those suffering from heart disease, or increased risk for heart disease, walnuts can offer great vascular benefits because they contain an important amino acid l-arginine. They also contain omega-3 fat ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) which is a natural anti-inflammatory and is important for the prevention of blood clots. Research studies show that a diet high in ALA is much less likely to have fatal heart attacks, with a nearly 50 percent lower risk level. Eating walnuts also increases healthy cholesterol levels. All you need for all these heart healthy benefits are just four walnuts per day.

If you have herpes, you might want to avoid walnuts altogether, or at least limit them as they have high levels of arginine and can trigger an onset of herpes symptoms.

2#.Immunity Booster

Walnuts are a rich source of good fats, vitamins, proteins and other nutrients. From lowering risks of heart diseases and certain types of cancer to boosting digestion and metabolism, this nut does it all. Walnuts also help in getting rid of all skin impurities easily and efficiently. A walnut can also help in tackling vision related problems.

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3#.Cancer Fighting Compounds

Studies done with mice show that, when they ate the human equivalent of about two and a half ounces of walnuts over an 18 week period, the mice had much smaller, as well as slower growing prostate tumors than those who did not eat walnuts. This walnut diet also reduced the overall prostate cancer growth by as much as 40 percent. Another study that involved mice showed that eating walnuts cut the risk of developing breast cancer in half, as well as slowing the growth of tumors by 50 percent.

4#.Bone Health

Walnuts are excellent for increasing and maintaining bone density. This is because they are rich in copper, zinc, Vitamin B, and calcium. Walnuts contain about 98 mg of calcium per 100 grams of shelled walnuts. The vitamin B, copper and zinc increase the calcium absorption and retention in the body.

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Walnuts contain healthy fats that have been shown to help with the metabolic parameters for those suffering from type 2 diabetes. Adults who were both overweight and suffering from type 2 diabetes who ate a quarter cup of walnuts every day had huge reductions in fasting insulin levels compared to those who did not eat any walnuts. On top of that, this benefit occurred in only 3 months.

6#.Healthy Brain

Walnuts have numerous compounds that can protect your brain such as folate, vitamin E, omega-3 fats, melatonin, and those great antioxidants. Research has shown that reasoning in young adults can be improved by eating walnuts. They can also decrease the vulnerability to the oxidative stress that happens during the aging process.

7#.Healthy Metabolism

Walnuts have been observed to show a positive effect on the metabolic rate of the body. The combination of magnesium, manganese, calcium, folate, copper, and iron are very effective in promoting a healthy metabolism. Moreover, the healthy fats help break down proteins much faster and promote cell regeneration.

8#.Lower Cholesterol

Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, which have been found to effectively lower cholesterol levels. People with high cholesterol can significantly lower their levels by eating walnuts and other foods that are high in fiber and essential fatty acids.

9#.Stress Management

Foods rich in magnesium and zinc have a positive effect on stress levels. They help the mind relax and think clearly. It provide a combination of these minerals to help keep the brain functioning properly without succumbing to anxiety or stress.

10#.Boost Sperm Quality

Men is recommended eating walnuts for boosting sperm quality as well as improving reproductive health in men. According to a research from the UCLA, eating about 2.5 ounces of this type of nut daily can help in improving semen quality; and eating about 75 g of walnuts daily can help improve motility, morphology of sperm and vitality in men aged 20 – 35.

Benefits Of Walnuts For Skin

11#.Treats Skin Infections

While the dry fruit is good for making the skin beautiful and radiant, its oil takes care of skin infections. Known for its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, walnut oil even cures skin problems like Athlete’s foot, psoriasis and candida. In fact, mixing the oil with other natural anti-fungal ingredients like garlic speeds up the healing process.

12#.Glowing Skin

Apart from fighting signs of ageing and offering you a glowing skin, walnuts boost your skin’s overall health. They are rich in vitamin E which is an antioxidant that protects your skin against sun damage. Also, walnuts are a rich source of healthy omega 3 fats, which help in strengthening your skin cells, locking moisture, and keeping the toxins out. While proteins in this nut boost bone development and help in supporting collagen production in your body.

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13#.Prevents Dark Circles

If you have dark circles around your eyes, apply warm walnut oil and it will lighten the dark circles. It has a soothing effect and is good for your eyes. It also eases the puffiness around your eyes and causes relaxation to the eyes, helping you to get back the glow and color.

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14#.Defers Ageing

Walnuts are packed with omega 3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamin B. These ingredients help in combating the free radicals and thereby defer ageing. Also, it is said the lack of Vitamin B induces more stress level so if you include walnuts in your daily diet you will stay stress-free and young.

15#.Keeps Skin Hydrated

As walnuts contain some water content as well so they help in keeping the skin hydrated. In winters our skin becomes dull and dry so regular consumption of walnuts can prevent this dullness and keep the skin well hydrated.

Benefits Of Walnuts For Hair

16#.Adds Luster To Hair

The omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts strengthen hair follicles and add shine to the tresses. In addition to eating walnuts you can also make homemade hair packs using grounded walnuts and apply them at least once a week. After only couple of applications, you will notice stronger and shinier hair.

17#.Healthier Hair Scalp

Due to the high moisturizing properties of walnut oil, a regular application of the oil helps to keep the scalp hydrated and prevents it from getting dried. So, all problems related with dry scalp are kept at bay. Walnut oil also protects the scalp from getting infected and ensures a healthy and clean scalp.

18#.Prevents Dandruff

If you are suffering from dandruff, use walnut oil on your hair and you will notice that it will reduce the dandruff and prevents it from appearing again. This is because of the high moisturizing properties of walnut oil.

19#.Natural Hair Color

The husk of walnut is used as a natural coloring agent and highlights your hair. The proteins present in walnut oil help to improve the color of your hair and provide a natural glow to the hair.

20#.Prevents Balding

Studies made on walnuts have shown that regular use of the walnut oil can prevent balding of hair to a great extent.

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