20 Benefits Of Guava Leaves For Health, Skin And Hair

Guava is a kind of fruits which offers the numerous health benefits. It has essential vitamins and minerals as well. However, in this article, we will not talk about the fruit. Indeed, we will talk about guava leaves (Amrood ke Patte) in Hindi which also has the excellent benefits for sure. It consequence that guava leaves provide antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is yours as a natural medical treatment for various diseases. Besides, guava leaves are consumed in the form of capsules and tea as well.

As the consequence, we have listed the health, hair and skin benefits of guava leaves below.

Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

1.Dengue Fever

Guava leaves are considered a natural remedy for dengue fever as guava leaf extract can increase the number of platelets in the blood and is not toxic at all.

For this purpose 9 pieces of guava leaves should be boiled in 5 cups of water until 3 cups of water is left. After straining and cooling, a cup of this concoction should be given to the patient thrice a day.

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2.Improves Immunity

Due to its high vitamin Ccontent, guava plays an important role in improving your immunity. Your immunity is your body’s defense mechanism that protects it from numerous diseases and infections. In addition, guava’s anti-inflammatory action and its ability to inhibit inflammatory molecules like prostaglandins help keep you disease free. You can also enjoy guava in smoothies or salads, or drink a cup of tea made from guava leaves daily.

3.Help Heal Cold

Guava leaves can be helpful in treating cold. The high levels of vitamin C and iron in unripe tropical fruit help reduce mucus productions and prevent the spread of microbial activity.

It is important to remember that while unripe guava is effective, ripe guava can have the opposite effect and instead irritate and prolong the illness.

4.Treating Vaginal Discharge

Whether you are a woman who often experience vaginal discharge, try to treat the vaginal discharge by using a concoction of guava leaves. The trick is also quite easy. Boil about two handfuls of guava leaves with 7 pieces of betel leaf with a glass of water. Strain and then drink. Drink regularly 2 times a day.

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5.Treating Diarrhea

You can eat directly it as fresh vegetables with leaf options that are still young, or can also meraciknya be herb. The way is easy enough, just prepare 6 sheets of guava leaves, then mash and give one cup of boiled water. Squeeze and drink the water. Drink regularly 2 times a day until your diarrhea is healed.

6.Controls Diabetes

Eating 1 to 2 guavas without the peel can be helpful in maintaining your blood sugar level. Those who are at risk of developing diabetes can help prevent it by drinking guava leaf tea. Tea can be prepared by crushing dried leaves of guava added with hot water.

7.Oral Health

Avoid dental plaque by simply chewing one or two tender leaves every day. This can provide several oral health benefits, such as prevention of dental plaque, freshening and cleaning the breath, and curing toothaches, oral ulcers, and swollen gums.

8.Control Blood Pressure

Health benefits of guava leaves are known to help control blood pressure by preventing blood from thickening and promoting the fluidity of blood flow throughout the body.

9.Heart Health

You can make guava leaf tea by simply gathering dried guava leaves and letting them steep in hot water. This tea can help lower bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and triglycerides, which can keep the heart and the vascular system in great shape.

10.Reduces Allergies

An allergy of any kind produces the irritant in a body. Guava leaves releases histamine and the compounds in the leaves blocks allergic reactions. A medication found at home.

11.Helps Produce Sperm

Good news for boys. For those who have problem with conception, as an herbal remedy guava leaves are recommended as it helps in sperm production.

12.Treating Ulcers

By utilizing high leaves of vitamin C this can prevent heartburn you often relapse. Drink only boiled water or water guava leaves every day, then your heartburn will gradually heal.

Hair Benefits Of Guava Leaves

13.Hair Pack

You can use guava leaves to make a homemade hair pack. Take some guava leaves, onion and garlic cloves. Grind these ingredients well and then add some warm coconut oil to make a paste. Apply it directly to your hair. You should massage it into your hair. Leave it there for half an hour and then use your regular shampoo to wash your hair.

14.Hair Loss

Now a day hair loss is a problem faced by all of us. However we have an effective remedy this time. Boil handful of guava leaves with a liter of water for 25 minutes. Sprain it in a mug and pour it onto your head. Massage rigorously for 15 minutes. Do it before shampooing.

15.Split Ends

You can make a hair pack to help prevent split ends. Simply make a hair pack using guava leaves, ginger, and coconut oil but also add some honey to it. Apply it to your hair, especially to the roots. Wash your hair with warm water after 15 minutes. Be sure to repeat the same several times a week to get better results.


You can use guava leaves to make your own hair conditioner. You can make it by combining guava leaves, ginger, curry leaves, and reetha together. Add them to a cup of water and boil it. After washing your hair as usual, do not use the conditioner. Use the mixture you have prepared to condition your hair.

Skin Benefits Of Guava Leaves

17.Relieved Ithing

itching is of course, very embarrassing when done in public. I know this can’t be stopped. When you itch, the allergy spreads. To get rid of this, guava leaves are a good source. If you haven’t prevented allergy using this, still, you can avoid spreading it, mix some crushed guava leave with multani mitti, make a smooth paste and apply on effect area and wash it after 10 minutes.

18.Treats Acne And Black Spot

These spots are very annoying as they decrease the beauty of the face. These are definitely the sign of unhealthy face and body. Guava leaves can root out the bacteria that can acne. All you need to do is mash some guavas leaves and apply it to the affected areas and see the results yourself within a week of application.

19.Removes Blackheads

It is one of the most serious face problems faced by ladies. It contains antioxidants which kills the radicals present on the skin. Guava leaves can be blended with little water to make a thick paste. This paste should be applied to the face as a scrub. It removes the blackheads.


The antioxidants in the Guava leaves, firstly, improve your skin tone and its texture. Secondly, they are also used as skin tightening agents. Finally, these anti-oxidants destroy the free radicals damaging your skin. Thus, prevent anti-ageing.

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