15 Top Healthy Food That Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

Want to burn fat and lose weight? These 15 plant-based foods that boost your metabolism will affect your body similarly to as if you just endured an intense cardio session! Choosing nutrient rich foods that boost your metabolism will allow your body to efficiently turn food into energy which will allow you to reach your desired weight without feeling hungry all the time.

What Is Metabolism?

Metabolism is a process that involves biochemical and hormone reactions by which your body converts everything you eat and drink into energy. During this complex process, calories in nutrients are combined with other elements like oxygen to release the energy that keeps the systems, organs, and cells working in optimal order.

Metabolism can be divided into two categories:


This phase involves the synthesis of all compounds needed by the cells.


This phase is the breakdown of molecules to obtain energy.

Healthy Foods That Can Increase Your Metabolism


Also a common Indian spice , cinnamon is a detoxifier and also helps regulate the metabolism of sugar and carbohydrates. Have a cup of hot water with a stick of cinnamon or add to your tea , coffee and gravies to get your cinni fix.

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This super vegetable contains calcium , vitamin C and fibre which increases the TEF or Thermal Effect of Food to boost your metabolism after eating.


Though mostly associated with Mexican food , Jalapeno peppers can be found in most local supermarkets in India.Containing the bioactive ingredient capsacin , they double energy expenditure for upto three hours after a meal.


These nutrition powerhouses are also key to keeping metabolism moving efficiently . Packed with lean protein and fibre , they also keep you feeling full and reduce cravings. Being a staple in Indian food , beans can be easily incorporated in a balanced diet and everyday meals.


Organic green leafy vegetables like spinach provide iron to support healthy blood which is the key to optimal cellular metabolic energy.


Not a meat traditionally consumed in India , turkey is however easily available and makes for great source of lean protein to be added to salads , sandwiches and healthy food options.


Known in ancient times as drink of the gods, caffeine rich coffee can help give energy , curb hunger pangs and boost the metabolism. It is most effective when consumed black without any milk or sugar.

8).Green Tea

Packed with anti-oxidants , this refreshing drink can be found in all our homes and is great for the metabolism. Have a cup before your meals for an even greater effect.


It’s an excellent source of calcium, which participates in almost all metabolic pathways—including the important job of decreasing fat absorption from the intestines. Almond milk contains double the calcium of cow’s milk.

10).Egg whites

They contain proteins and vitamin D, which, among many other roles in the body, helps in the absorption of calcium by the digestive system.


A high-protein grain, oatmeal’s protein content makes it thermogenic. It’s also high in dietary fiber, which can minimize blood sugar spikes while promoting healthy nutrient absorption and digestion.

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Some research has shown that water itself is great for metabolism. A study monitored the metabolic rates of adults as they drank varying amounts of water. While the mechanism for the results isn’t yet fully understood, the adults who drank water regularly had higher metabolic rates than those who didn’t.

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13).Chili Powder

Because spicy foods boost the metabolism, it can’t hurt to sprinkle chili powder on your meals.

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For a dessert option you’ll actually feel good about (or simply a sweet snack), strawberries should be your go-to: they’re bursting with nutrients despite their small size. “A whole cup raw strawberries has just under 50 calories and provides 150 percent of daily recommendations for vitamin C—which is a powerful antioxidant that also fights fat,” and boost your metabolism naturally.


Celery is considered a negative calorie food; it takes more energy to eat and digest celery than what you get from the food itself. It is also incredibly high in fiber, which keeps you fuller longer, and prevents overeating.

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