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10 Things Women Expect From Her Men But Didn’t Tell Him

You’re dating a girl you like, things are great, and then all of a sudden, she seems to pull away, get angry, get needy, or get demanding, right? And you’re confused because things were awesome, but now she doesn’t seem happy and you feel pressure and things have gotten all complicated and you don’t understand why. Well, the why is actually pretty simple. What women want, believe it or not, is actually pretty simple. All of our “feelings” and what men unfairly call our “crazy” usually stem from just two things — we want to feel safe (like we can trust you) and we want to feel special. And as complicated as we seem, it is very easy for us to feel this way.

So, gentlemen, these are ten things the woman you’re dating wants from you but didn’t tell.

1.Secure Sharing

Your spouse needs to know that she can talk share her heart with you without you trying to solve her problems; pass judgment; minimize or dismiss her feelings; talk over her or mock her vulnerabilities.

Put down your Phone or tablet to focus on what she’s saying, and try to see her particular perspective regarding the set of circumstances as she’s expressing them.

2.Make Us A Priority

Women need to feel like they’re more important than an Xbox. Of course men need to spend time with their friends and have some down time, but 3rd place isn’t cool. If your girl doesn’t feel like she’s a priority then you’re doing something very wrong buddy.

3.Don’t Give Up On Us

No matter how difficult the situation is, we expect our future spouse to stay and never give up on us. We want to face every situation together and always want him by our side.

4.Random Surprises

Everyone love surprises, right? Our spouse should surprise us randomly without it being on any special occasions. Be it a cup of coffee or a rose, anything done out of the blue makes us smile.

5.Sweet Texts

Mushy texts like how much you misses her and loves you are the cutest thing ever. These texts make us smile, and we just can’t stop blushing.

6.Be A Friend

We want you to be our motivator whenever we are feeling low and our honest critic. Tell us what are we doing wrong, and pin-point our mistakes.

7.Respect Us

Some men don’t value their partners as much as they should. Love her like it’s your last day, appreciate her for all that she is and be grateful for everything she does. Think about it.

8.We’re Suckers For Romance

Never ask a girl if she wants flowers, or anything in fact. The answer is simply YES. Of course we do! Especially, if it’s to do with rose petals, candles, dinner and wine.

9.Take It Slow (in bed)

It can’t get any worse than a man finishing before we’ve even started. Women take longer to reach orgasm and foreplay is key – take your time and don’t rush. Thank you.

10.You Can’t Live Without Us

Men often take women for granted, but in reality you’re nothing without us! Who else would take care of you? Play dress up? Make you a better man? Just admit it.

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