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      As of late I have been getting LOTS of S.O.S. emails about people having strange skin conditions and reactions. When I go through the list of products the customers are using, the same products keep coming up with the same reactions. For instance there is a popular CE serum, (which I will not disclose […] More

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    Why are China’s doctors dropping dead?

    In a single week in 2013, four doctors died suddenly of cardiac arrest. Meanwhile in the last two years it has been reported that fifteen anesthetists in their thirties and forties had sudden cardiac deaths. There have even been premature deaths among distinguished surgeons. What’s going on? According to Dr Huang Weimin, an orthopaedic surgeon […] More

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    Five Health Benefits Of Chiropractic Care’ ~ Daily Health News

    A well written article discussing the main benefits of chiropractic care. Chiropractic care utilizes alternative therapeutic practice. Its main aim is to prevent any problems in the musculoskeletal system and particularly the spine. Chiropractic care is not only for people who suffer from chronic back pain or for those who have been involved in an […] More

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    Achieving a Lean Body is Possible for Everyone

    Achieving a lean and healthy body is possible for everyone. Do you believe that? We have the ability to do what it takes to make it happen. It doesn’t cost lots of money, require anything special, not even a gym membership. We can reach our fitness goals by choosing a healthy lifestyle. Daily choices determine what […] More

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    Peng’s Kitchen: Pandan Cotton Cake

    Finally after third attempts, I succeeded in making this tall and spongy pandan cotton cake! First two attempts I underbaked the cake and it collapsed after removing it from pan. I told my kids I’ve failed my cakes but they still happily finished them up. 😝 Haha its still edible just that they were short […] More

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    Chana Masala | Yummy Mummy Kitchen

    This easy Chana Masala recipe makes eating a healthy Indian meal at home so quick and delicious! Chana masala is simple, satisfying, hearty, and wholesome. It’s delicious with a side of rice or quinoa, scooped up with naan bread, or as part of a Buddha bowl style meal.  My family has been on an Indian […] More

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